Monday, 11 June 2012


Finding places where digital citizenship connects to curricula is becoming much easier as I move through a variety of resources! Safety is a prominent topic in the elementary Health Curriculum.  Safe surfing, net-smarts or internet safety needs to be an integral part of student learning. 

The picture below is of a bulletin created by nursing students in the School Health Initiative with Nursing Education (SHINE) Program.  It acts as a visual reminder in the school halls.  I wonder how having this image in our main hallway has impacted discussions at home and throughout the school?  These are the discussions that we all should be having, especially as we put technology in the hands of our students. 

One resource to use with students is Net Smartz Kids . It has games, videos, information and variety of other activities for our young students to use as they develop their understanding of safety.  This website also has many resources for educators and parents.

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