Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Inquiry and Digital Citizenship Collide

I have attached a link to an article I have written recently for the the spring edition of the Saskatchewan School Library Association's publication The Medium.  The article is titled Finding Our Voice.

It was through the mentioned inquiry projects I co-planned and taught this year that I was able to develop a basic understanding of student needs with regards to digital citizenship.At first I thought that my learning was a reaction to what my students needed.  Now, having researched, discussed and blogged about digital citizenship and what it means in my context, I know that I was learning with my students. It was through this process that I now better understand my students' reality in the digital world.  I know I have a lot to learn but it's a long, ever-changing journey.  I feel better prepared for the next steps now.

With the reflection that is occurring at this point in the school year, I am wondering about next year.  How can I do better next year? Will I be able to engage more staff members in this type of learning? How can I engage parents in these conversations about digital citizenship?


  1. Well done, Janelle! It is an excellent article, and it says a lot about you as an educator that you are willing to share your learning and experiences with colleagues. It's that same sense of sharing that results in your observation that you are learning WITH your students. If we could all adopt that perspective, and if we taught in a way that acknowledges that we are all working together toward something we are reinventing all the time, schools would be much more exciting places!

    1. Thank you Rick! It would be amazing if we could teach less in isolation in order to strengthen our collaboration and really show that we're all working together towards the same goal. I would love to know more about how elementary and high school could make some more connects as we work together for our students.

  2. Glad I could be part of the process as a consultant, but most importantly, as a parent.

  3. Thank you Carlene! I'm glad we've been able to work together this year in both respects.