Thursday, 21 June 2012

Road Blocks

Issues are identified quickly when I start talking about technology with colleagues, family members and friends.  Just like most things, it's seems easier for people to identify the road blocks rather than how to navigate. 

As I attempted to categorize the issues I have been reading about and discussing with colleagues, I found that Jason Ohler has identified 5 categories that made sense in my context.

Jason Ohler talks about how with opportunities come challenges.  I like this statement. This is a great way to think about the excitement I have when I think about the posibilities using a variety of technology and allows me to hesitate for that brief moment, knowing that the challenges will be worth it.

Cyberbullying, safety and security often gain the most reaction because they threaten the user's identity.  I find that balance caught my attention and that is where I would like to set my priority for now. I find that it is easy to lose our balance when there's excitement, challenges, creativity, innovation and just plain change.  I intend to seek out balance in my approach as well in creating balance so that my students can succeed.

In my shopping cart already is Ohler's book. It appears to be a practical guide for engaging educators, parents and other stakeholders in the conversations about teaching children to become responsible citizens in the digital world.
 Cheers to great summer reading!


  1. I love how many of us are coming up with great summer reading suggestions! This is one I'd love to add to my "possibly" list. I think you've made a wise choice to focus on "balance" as something to focus on from Ohler's list. It seems to embrace most of the other issues he identifies; if we are balanced, most of the other issues are also taken care of, at least to an extent.

    The one that seemed odd to me was "sexting". Really? Is it at the same level of prominence and importance as safety and security or copyright and plagiarism? I may be naive, but I wonder how big an issue it really is. But I guess the consequences could be so devastating to an individual that even if it isn't prevalent, it needs attention.

    At any rate, have a great summer, and enjoy this book! Let me know how you like it when you're finished. I may wait for your review!

  2. I was hesitant about that one too! I think it must depend on the context with the group of users. In my eyes it's much more about inappropriate texts, emails and videos. I think that it could have been included in a category including cyberbulling if those categories were revised.

    I will let you know my review of the book.